Southern California Junior Bach Festival

2020 - 2021

Branch Chair​ (PIANO)


Recital Venue (PIANO)

Video Submissions

Branch Festival Date (PIANO)

  • March 27, 2021 (SAT)

  • Open December 1, 2020 (FRI)

    • Enrollment Deadline: February 28, 2021 (SUN)​

    • Video Submission Deadline: March 13, 2021 (SAT)


How to Enroll

  1. Teachers will first complete the Student Registration Form on the website.  

  2. Teachers will need to save their online Student Registration Report as a PDF File

  3. Teachers will then need to complete the Branch's Teacher Application and Payment form.  Please be sure to attach your PDF file of the Student Registration Report.

Video Submissions

1.  The video must not go over 5 minutes.  The student is not to bow, or say anything. If the piece is over 5 minutes, students should edit the video by cutting the end (not stopping the playing but editing the end of the video at 5 minutes)

2.  Students will need to upload their videos to their personal Youtube page. Videos should be marked "unlisted"

3. Teachers will gather the links to all of their students' "unlisted" Youtube links and send to Program Chair Lucia Go in one email with following information for each link:

​1. Student's First and Last Name

2. Name of the Piece

Entry Fees

  • Branch Festival Performer (PIANO)

    • $35.00 per student


Additional Information