Scholarship Auditions



  • David Wu

Application Deadline

  • April 4, 2022 (MON)


Scholarship Auditions Venue & Date

  • May 1, 2022 (SUN)

  • Los Angeles Harbor City College Music Department

Application Deadline

Application Form (click here)

How to Enroll

  1. Complete application form by April 4, 2022

  2. Proof of Age will be required: Passport or Birth Certificate. High School students will need to include their school ID

  3. Please complete an additional application if the student is applying for more than 1 competition category such as Flute and Violin.

Entry Fees

  • All Divisions

    • $55.00 per student

    • NO REFUNDS will be given in case of withdrawal


2022 Divisions & Scholarship Awards

Division A – Senior Division

  • A-1: Mieczyslaw Munz Memorial Scholarship Outstanding Pianist Award (ages 15–19; must be in School Grade 12 (High School Senior) or lower)

    • 1st Place: $3002nd Place: $150

  • A-2: Senior Woodwind Award (ages 15–19; must be in School Grade 12 (High School Senior) or lower)

    • 1st Place: $3002nd Place: $150

  • A-3: Senior String Award (ages 15–19, must be in School Grade 12 (High School Senior) or lower)

    • 1st Place: $3002nd Place: $150

  • A-4: Senior Vocalist Award (ages 16–21)

    • 1st Place: $3002nd Place: $150

  • A-5: AMUSE Senior Pianist Award (High School Senior* intending to continue music study (private lessons, music classes, or music major/minor while in college)

    • $150

  • A-6: AMUSE Senior Instrumentalists or Vocalist Award (High School Senior* intending to continue music study (private lessons, music classes, or music major/minor while in college)

    • $150

*While a Senior pianist may apply for awards A1 and A5, they may only win one.

*While a Senior instrumentalist or vocalist may apply for awards A2/A3/A4 and A6, they may only win one.

Division B – Intermediate Division

  • B-1: Erika Chary Memorial Scholarship Intermediate Pianist Award (ages 12–14)

    • 1st Place: $2002nd Place: $100

  • B-2: Intermediate Woodwind Award (ages 14 & under)

    • 1st Place: $2002nd Place: $100

  • B-3: Intermediate String Award (ages 13–14)

    • 1st Place: $2002nd Place: $100

  • B-4: Intermediate Vocalist Award (ages 15 & under)

    • 1st Place: $2002nd Place: $100


Division C – Junior Division

  • C-1: Erika Chary Memorial Scholarship Junior Pianist Award (ages 11 & under)

    • 1st Place: $1502nd Place: $75

  • C-2: Junior String Award (ages 12 & under)

    • 1st Place: $1502nd Place: $75

Rules & Guidelines

  • Deadline for application submissions is April 4, 2022 (MON).

  • NO REFUNDS will be given in case of withdrawal.

  • Reinstatement is not possible if a student withdraws.

  • Audition times will be assigned and applicants will be notified approximately two weeks before the audition date.

  • Auditions are open to students, their parents and teachers. Teachers with competing students are not allowed to enter.

  • Audition evaluation sheets will be mailed, after the audition, to the teacher listed in the application.

  • Applicants and Teachers

    • ​All applicants must be students of MTAC South Bay Branch teachers.

    • If an applicant is coached by one or more additional teachers, the teacher listed on the enrollment form must be the primary teacher and must have provided at least 75% of the applicant’s instruction.

    • All teachers listed on enrollment forms must have been either Active or Provisional members of South Bay Branch for at least twelve months preceding the audition date.

    • Students may apply for any or all categories for which they are eligible. However, no applicant may receive more than one award per year on the same instrument in the Scholarship Auditions.

    • A Senior applicant may not win both the Amuse Award and the Senior Award in the same year.

    • The 1st-place winner of any Scholarship Audition division may not compete in the same division the following year of their 1st-place win. They must skip a year to enter the same category, if their age still meets the division’s age requirements.

      • There is one exception: Eleventh grade students who were 1st-place winners may come back the following year to compete for the Amuse Senior Award.

    • An applicant may apply on more than one instrument, submitting the $55 application fee for each instrument, and may be considered for a prize on each instrument.

    • Applicant age is determined as of May 1st.

      • For Pianists and Instrumentalists: maximum age for the audition is 19 years old; applicant must be in school grade 12 (High School Senior) or lower.

        • Proof-of-Age documentation is required.

        • High School I.D. is required for applicants in school grades 9, 10, 11, & 12 (High School Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, & Senior)

      • For vocalists: maximum age is 21 years as of the year of the competition.

        • Proof-of-Age documentation is required.​

    • All entrants must be non-professional; vocalists must be non-music majors/minors if in college or graduate school.

    • All participating teachers are required to work on either the competition day or the Winners Recital day.

  • Repertoire

    • Three (3) pieces of contrasting styles, each from a different period—Baroque, Classical, Romantic/Impressionistic, or Contemporary—must be performed from memory.

      • For historical classification purposes only, please use the current Certificate of Merit syllabus list of composers, dates, and periods for the appropriate discipline.

        • Please be advised that the CM syllabus list is only for historical classification purposes.

      • For the Vocal categories, the Contemporary period includes Musical Theater.

      • No changes from the pieces listed on the application form are permitted.

    • All three pieces performed must be solo works.

      • Pianists may not perform concerti, including all keyboard concerti by J.S. Bach.

      • Instrumentalists may perform concerti.

      • Transcriptions/paraphrases are allowed and are left to the discretion of the teacher.

    • The maximum audition time for all divisions is 15 minutes.

      • Judges will hear all or part of all three pieces.

        • It is possible that all pieces listed will not be heard in their entirety, depending upon time constraints and the wishes of the judges.

        • Judges may select the portions of the pieces that they wish to hear.

  • Original Scores

    • Students must present original scores of all three pieces to be performed to the check-in monitor prior to their audition time.

    • Photocopies are not allowed, except:

  1. For facilitating page turns for the piano accompanist

  2. For out-of-print music. The applicant must provide a verification letter from the publisher to the check-in monitor.

  3. For downloaded online music. The applicant must provide proof-of-purchase documentation to the check-in monitor.

Failure to turn in original scores or authorized copies of music as described above will result in disqualification from the competition.

  • Other Rules

    • Applicants, parents, and teachers must not identify themselves to the judges.

    • Absolutely no communication is permitted between teachers and judges.

    • Disobedience to this rule will disqualify the applicant.

    • Judges are selected by the Parliamentarian from a list prepared by the Judges Selection Committee.

    • The identity of the judges is kept confidential, even from the chair, until the day of the competition.

    • Teachers may not be the accompanist for their own students nor provide any assistance to their students while in view of the judges.

      • This includes turning pages for the piano accompanist.

    • Any form of video or audio recording during the Scholarship Auditions is strictly prohibited and may result in the disqualification of the applicant.

  • Winners

    • The decisions of the judges are final.

      • Awards are given on the basis of outstanding performance.

      • Judges may withhold any award if they feel that no applicant meets these standards.

      • Judges may not award ties.

    • Teachers of all applicants will be notified of results within 24 hours.

    • Each winner’s teacher will be e-mailed a Winners Recital Information Sheet to fill out and submit to the Chair.

    • All winners are expected to appear at the Winners Recital presented by MTAC South Bay.

      • Winners will be presented with certificates and awards at the time of their performance at the Winners Recital, which will be held on TBA

    • Each winner’s performance will be limited to a total of seven minutes.

      • The student may perform one, two, or all three of their audition repertoire pieces, as long as the total time does not exceed seven minutes.

      • The music for the Winners Recital must be from the student’s repertoire performed in the 2022 Scholarship Auditions.

      • Winners use their own accompanist at their own expense for the Winners Recital.