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Composers Today—Branch Events


  • Patricia Arand


Assistant Chair

  • Elizabeth Howell

Branch Evaluations

Mendenhall Memorial Composition Contest

Branch Recital

Recital Venue

Amuse Music Center

Branch Recital Date

  • April 22, 2023 (SAT) • 7:00pm

    • Online Application and Payment Deadline: April 10, 2023 (MON) 


Application Form (click here)

How to Enroll

  1. Students/Parents will complete the online application form available at the link above.

  2. Students/Parents and Teachers will receive submission confirmation e-mails with complete application data.

  3. Information submitted may be edited by Students/Parents and/or Teachers until the application deadline.

Entry Fees

  • Per Composition

    • $30.00 per student


  • Division 1 (ages 6–9)

  • Division 2 (ages 10–13)

  • Division 3 (ages 14–18)

Mendenhall Memorial Composition Contest Prizes

  • Division 1 (ages 6–9): $30

  • Division 2 (ages 10–13): $30

  • Division 3 (ages 14–18): $30


Rules & Guidelines

  • Deadline for application submissions is April 10, 2023 (MON) 

  • All compositions submitted will be entered in the Composers Today Branch Evaluations and be evaluated by two adjudicators, whose decisions are final.

  • Students may elect to concurrently apply to participate in the MTAC South Bay Mendenhall Memorial Composition Contest with no extra entry fee.

  • Evaluation of all compositions will be based upon originality of musical ideas; quality of structure; good use of melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic materials, accuracy of editing; neatness and clarity of score; and a suitable title. Program notes (short paragraph) are required.

  • Compositions must be original unpublished works. If borrowed melodies or themes are used, the sources must be given.

  • The Composition may be for any instrument or voice, in any style, and may be hand written or computer notation software.

  • Students will need to include an audio recording of the composition.

  • For students entered in the Branch Evaluations only, there is no restriction on the number of measures.

  • For those students entered in the Mendenhall Memorial Composition Contest, the students must write a piece no longer than 40 measures, including mandatory repeats, such as D.C. and D.S.

  • Students may enter both the Branch Evaluations and the Mendenhall Memorial Contest but with one composition for both events.  To enter two or more compositions, an additional application will be needed for each composition

  • All students will perform their submitted work(s) at the MTAC South Bay Composers Today Branch Recital and receive a trophy.

  • The winners of the Mendenhall Memorial Composition Contest will receive a monetary prize.

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