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Community Outreach—Music Students' Service League (MSSL)


Branch Chair

  • Beth Howell

The South Bay Branch of MSSL is accepting applications August 1,2023 until April 1,2024 for this school year.   

Members must be students of teachers that are members of the South Bay Branch of MTAC.

The officers and members of MSSL-SBB look forward to another active and rewarding year providing musical concerts and interaction with seniors in our community.

MSSL Membership Enrollment and Parent/Student Consent Waiver Form


Community Service Recital Information

Please note: Recital dates, times, and locations are subject to change if necessary. Notification will be sent via email and posted the MSSL website:


Student Requirement

  • All MSSL members should be fully vaccinated to participate.

  • Students performing in the MSSL-SBB Community Service Recitals must be students in school grades 6–12 of MTAC South Bay Branch (SBB) teachers.

  • Students must be active MSSL-SBB members that have already attended at least one MSSL-SBB general meeting in the same academic year.

  • Attendance at the MSSL-SBB general meeting MUST be by the student MSSL-SBB member and not be attended by any other person in lieu of the student member.

  • Members are also required to participate in at least two community service recitals per year.

  • The students’ performance abilities must be at the intermediate level or above by using CM performance levels as a guideline.

  • The performance capability should be at CM Level 5 or higher. However, the student does not need to participate in CM in order to become a MSSL-SBB member or perform at the MSSL-SBB Community Service Recitals.

  • If the teacher or the student does not participate in CM, please contact the MSSL-SBB Student Advisor and give him/her a list of repertoire that the student can perform proficiently. The MSSL-SBB Student Advisor will determine if the repertoire meets the standard.

  • It is the parent's responsibility to notify their MTAC South Bay teacher that the student is joining MSSL.


Recital Pieces

  • Students may perform solo and ensemble pieces, in their original form or as arrangements.

  • The preferred length of performance time is 5 minutes or under. Exceptions will be made according to the level of the piece and available performance time.

  • Pieces must be WELL-PREPARED and WELL-POLISHED but do not have to be completely memorized.

  • Diverse programming, recognizable or easy-to-listen-to pieces, and all instruments and voice are welcome.

  • Students may apply to perform more than one piece, if time allows.

  • Each recital should not exceed one hour.

  • The application will be accepted on a first-come, first-served sign-up basis.

  • The acceptance will be confirmed to the students by the MSSL-SBB student board via email and the program will be posted on the MSSL website.


Dress Code

  • Students should be dressed in appropriate recital attire.  


Health Concerns

  • Please remember that for most of the recitals, the audience will be made up of senior residents and their health is a major concern.

  • Performers who are sick with a cold or the flu are requested NOT to perform and to notify the MSSL-SBB President or Student Advisor in advance.  


Community Service Certificates

  • Five (5) hours of community service credit will be awarded to each performer.

  • Three (3) hours of community service credit will be awarded to ushers and assistants.

  • If a member both performs and ushers, they get a total of eight (8) hours of community service credit.

  • Community service certificates will be provided at the end of each recital.

  • After the performance, students are encouraged to socialize with retirement home residents.

  • It is up to each student’s school whether or not the hours will be accepted and counted for community service hours.

  • Each MSSL member should check with their school administration for the school policy.

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