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2022 - 2023

Board of Directors



President: Esther Keel
Vice President: Gail Mellert
Recording Secretary: Carol Levin
Membership Secretary: Naomi Ozawa
Treasurer: Emily Anderson


Artists of the Future: Way Wong

Bulletin (Allegro con Brio) Editor: Michelle Hazen

Certificate of Merit: Natsha Siri 

Scholarship Auditions: David Wu

Southern California Junior Bach Festival: Betty Cheung

VOCE: Grace Jong


Non-Voting Members

Board Advisor: Emily Anderson

Parliamentarian: Patricia Arand


Committee Chairs and Positions

*Artists of the Future: Way Wong

Baroque Recitals: Donna Morris-Barnes

*Allegro con Brio Editor: Michelle Hazen 

California Plan: Naomi Ozawa 

*Certficate of Merit Branch Chair: Natsha Siri

Community Outreach Music Students’ Service League (MSSL): Beth Howell

Composers Today/Young Composers : Patricia Arand 

        Assistant: Beth Howell

Historian: Natsha Siri 

Recording Secretary (general meetings): Ann Grennan

*Scholarship Auditions: David Wu

Social Media Chair: Michelle Hazen 

*Southern California Jr. Bach Festival: Betty Cheung

Student Recitals: Lina Lee

Adult Student Recitals: Grant Sevdayan

*VOCE: Grace Jong

Web Administrator: Asuka Restauri


* Serving on the Board of Directors

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