Certificate of Merit® (CM)


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MTAC South Bay Branch CM Chair

  • Michele Nardone


Keyboard Coordinators & Chairs

  • Keyboard Co-Chair: Emily Anderson (Keyboard CM Events)

  • Keyboard Co-Chair: Betty Cheung (Keyboard CM Information) 

  • Keyboard Theory Testing Chair: Denise Peykanu, Betty Cheung, Myeoyoung Kim 

  • Keyboard Day 1 Evaluations Chair: Lina Lee 

  • Keyboard Day 2 Evaluations Chair: Dr. Linda Govel 

  • Keyboard Day 3 Evalutions Chair: Asuka Restauri 

  • Keyboard Branch Honors Recital Chair: Naien Xu

    • Assistants: Lois Tai & Insuk Park

  • Keyboard Panel Information Chair: Hung-Chuan Cheng 

  • Keyboard Teacher Work Day Scheduler: David Wu 

  • Keyboard Student Scheduler: Wayne Hu, Timothy St. John

  • Keyboard Evaluation Hospitality Coordinator: Naomi Ozawa

  • Senior Medallion Chair (All Disciplines): Noreen Wenjen


Strings Chair

  • Gail Gerding Mellert


Voice Co-Chairs

  • Jan Bunker

  • Lenita McCallum


Winds Chair 

  • Wei Li Kang

Senior Medallion Recital Chair (All Disciplines) 

  • Noreen Wenjen

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